• Functions in math vs programming

    Functions in math vs programming

    My coffee thought for this morning is that the fundamental concept of function in your calculus class is the same idea as a function in computer science. Basically, a function is a way of indicating a formula that can take input and produce output. To illustrate, here’s a basic example of a mathematical function: f(x)=x3… Continue reading

  • Understand classes in Kotlin

    In computer programming, we use classes to define templates for how to describe things. A class can represent a thing: A person, a chair, a bank account, a musical instrument, and so on. Each thing, or object, can have properties. For instance, a musical instrument can belong to a certain family: strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion,… Continue reading

  • Speak Selection in Mac OS X Monterey

    When I have to process a lot of reading material on my computer, I often find it helpful to leverage accessibility features. Larger text helps a ton, and that’s easy to enable with a simple ⌘ + keyboard shortcut in most web browsers. For my needs, text-to-speech has been extraordinarily helpful in keeping focused and moving forward… Continue reading

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