• The Great Strings Experiment

    Latest updates Every double bass sounds different. Some can be dark and rich, full of bass tones and body. Others might ring out with pizzicato and thrive in the midrange. Other double basses might be perfect for solo playing, with loud upper-range pitches that scream. The hunt for the perfect set of strings can be… Continue reading

  • Practice Tips for Musicians

    One of the best ways to improve yourself as a musician is to make the time you spend in the practice room as efficient as possible. Often I’ll see students get frustrated with their progress because they spend time practicing and don’t feel like they are seeing any progress. The root cause isn’t a lack… Continue reading

About Me

Hello, my name is Joe Lewis. Since 2014, I’ve been working at Google as a technical writer. I have worked as a developer, researcher, and in leadership roles in the energy, security, identity, privacy, and analytics realms. I wrote a few books. I often tinker around on GitHub.

I am also a professional double bassist, actively teaching this instrument on weekends and performing with orchestras as time permits. I like to travel, exercise, and am a mountain bike enthusiast.

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