• The Recipe for San Bei Ji

    I would be remiss in publishing a website with the domain “” without some kind of explanation. And a recipe. San bei ji is a traditional Taiwanese dish. In Mandarin, it is written 三杯鷄, and translates to “three cup chicken”. The name comes from the key ingredients: A cup of sesame oil, a cup of… Continue reading

About Me

Hello, my name is Joe Lewis. Since 2014, I’ve been working at Google as a technical writer. I have worked as a developer, researcher, and in leadership roles in the energy, security, identity, privacy, and analytics realms. I wrote a few books. I often tinker around on GitHub.

I am also a professional double bassist, actively teaching this instrument on weekends and performing with orchestras as time permits. I like to travel, exercise, and am a mountain bike enthusiast.

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